What We Do



For women who work out and desire a care free solution to maintaining a salon quality style, Tight and Right Hair Revolution's fitness cap gives you the flexibility to work out without having to worry about your hair. 

We offer exciting, innovative solutions to customers to help them maintain their hair style and care without sacrificing desirable daily routines such as exercising. This can become very inconvenient, unsightly and costly to fix. This usually leads to exercise and getting fit taking a back-seat to maintaining their hairstyle. Lack of proper exercise can result in undesirable weight and health issues. The Fitness Cap is very useful for all women and men who need a solution for staying cool while working out.

Major Benefits

  • Removes inconveniences from midday exercise
  • Makes it easy to maintain a salon quality style and meet fitness goals 
  • Leaves hair sweat free and smelling fresh after exercising 
  • Saves money by extending life of hair styles 
  • Protects hair from damage caused by sweat and over washing due to frequent working out
  • Reduces necessity of dry shampoo usage
  • Acts as performance gear by minimizing fatigue and exhaustion during aerobic workouts