Tight & Right Hair Revolution Inc

Where we specialize in hair technology

We are a company that focuses on creating innovative hair technology to help improve the ease of maintaining your style!


- Gives women the ability to work out without having to sacrifice hair style – straight, weaves, braids, curly etc…

- Keeps hair feeling and smelling fresh 

- Lightweight, Durable & Easy to use

- Makes you feel cool and refreshed

- Can be used in the privacy of your home

- Saves money and time

- Low maintenance requirements and costs


Fitness Cap & Mobile System for Working out on the go!  Without sweating out your hair!

Product Demo

Side by side of an intense 3.5 mile workout, with and without the Fitness Cap! 

Our Technology Commercial

Brief overview of the company and view the technology behind the fitness cap


We Had a Successful Kickstarter and We Are Working on Fulfilling Orders. Preorders Will Be Available Again Summer 2020.

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Tight & Right Hair Revolution Inc.

Attn: Tumajah Sumerville Co-Founder/COO

P.O. Box 21012 Catonsville, MD 21228

(443) 424.2330

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Tight & Right Hair Revolution Inc is a company who cares about your privacy.  We will not sell your information to any third party or  use it outside of keeping you updated.  Find out more about our privacy policy.