Progress Updates

We have had some delays due to Covid 19. Our new release date is Summer 2022 due to connected funding challenges and supply shortages.

Product Details

Tight and Right Hair Revolution’s fitness cap gives you the flexibility to work out without having to worry about your hair. Our revolutionary system is durable, convenient and easy to use.

During intense workouts, your metabolic temperature increases while your eccrine glands secrete sweat to regulate your body’s temperature.

Tight and Right Hair Revolution’s unique patented cooling and dehumidification system cools the scalp, forcing sweat to evaporate quickly while our absorptive and adsorptive layers readily attract sweat and vapor before it absorbs into your hair.

Virtually keeping your hair free from moisture infiltration.


Fitness Cap & Mobile System for Working out on the go! Without sweating out your hair!


  • Removes inconveniences from midday exercise
  • Makes it easy to maintain a salon quality style and meet fitness goals
  • Leaves hair sweat free and smelling fresh after exercising
  • Saves money by extending life of hair styles
  • Protects hair from damage caused by sweat and over washing due to frequent working out
  • Reduces necessity of dry shampoo usage
  • Acts as performance gear by minimizing fatigue and exhaustion during aerobic workouts


Side by side of an intense 3.5 mile workout, with and without the Fitness Cap!


Brief overview of the company and view the technology behind the fitness cap

We Had a Successful Kickstarter. We Are Working on Fulfilling Orders for our Kickstarter Backers. Preorders Will Be Available Again Summer 2022 due to COVID 19.

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