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This one hits home for me personally. My mom has been in both the fitness and beauty industries. She was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Colts and went on to teach Jazzercize. During this time she also worked in the hair care industry as a cosmetologist, platform artist instructor, and national educator for Paul Mitchell. So, I’ve been around this my entire life.

I have seen the work and pride that goes into women’s hair.

But even closer to home I watched first hand as my wife would get her hair professionally flat ironed and the work that was involved in maintaining her style. I watched the measure she took to prolong the life of her style.

It really bothered me!

I thought about Moses when he was crying out to God and God said to him what’s that in your hand?

So, I decided to use the ability that was placed in my hand. I thought, “Hey, I’m an engineer! I have to do something to address this issue.”

I invented the Tight & Right Hair Revolution Fitness Cap!

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